Centennial Cup

Presented to the University Glee Club of New York City at its Centennial Gala – November 11, 1994 – The Pierre, New York City

In tribute to those who by their spirit, deeds, and devotion have helped to assure the successful completion of our second hundred years

Awarded bi-annually and to be retired in 2094 at the commencement of our third century.



2019:? Christopher A. Martinez

2017:? Wesley W. Oliver

2015:??Francisco Nú?ez & Jon Holden

2013:? Philip S. Olick

2011:? John Dorer

2009:? Richard B. McGlynn

2007:? Edward J. Greenberg

2005:? Roger W. Englander

2003:? L. Neiland Gallagher & George G. Nemeth

2001:? David Weild III

1998:? Donald I. Selby & William R. Soons

1996:? Russell A. Ames

1994:? John Low Baldwin